Making a difference by Engaging and Empowering

Respect  |  Persistence  |  Responsibility  |  Confidence

Mid North Education Centre

Our vision is to be a safe and collaborative place of learning where students are supported to become resilient, creative and confident learners. Our curriculum is adapted to meet the individual learning needs of all students (R-12), including health and safety needs, and is documented in individual student One Plans. Students are supported to get their SACE using learning activities that draw upon their strengths, interests and needs, and are supported in their transition to post school options.

Our site-improvement focus is on literacy, numeracy and communication. MNEC utilises the Jane Farrall Comprehensive Literacy Approach for students with AAC, and is exploring the Numicon multi-sensory approach to support student’s engagement in their numeracy learning. Students access multiple communication aides including ProLoQuo2Go, PODD and Aided Language displays throughout the school to support their communication needs.

Mid North Education Centre promotes 3 school values including ‘I am safe’, ‘I am responsible’ and ‘I am friendly’ and students are supported through proactive approaches to support positive behaviour. Short and long term planning supports students to develop capabilities and positive attitudes for life in the community. Staff are involved in professional learning to continuously improve.

Our Belief Statement

Developing resilient, creative and confident learners

Our Values

Respect , Persistence, Responsibility, Confidence

Goal 1

All students will demonstrate progress in their writing skills

Goal 2

All students will demonstrate progress in their numeracy skills

Goal 3

All students will initiate communication using their individualised communication methods

Making a difference by engaging and empowering

Nukunu Acknowledgement

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are meeting upon here today.

We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of Aboriginal peoples to Country. We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal peoples visiting/attending from other areas of South Australia/Australia present here.