Making a difference by Engaging and Empowering

Respect  |  Persistence  |  Responsibility  |  Confidence


At Nangwarry Preschool we are committed to providing a quality and inclusive program where every child’s wellbeing and learning outcomes are met in partnership with families, carers and the community. 

Play and exploration is an integral part of our program. Through play, children develop an understanding of the world around them, and their place within it. Children use play to learn about themselves and others. Play supports our children to practice life skills, build relationships with others, learn to trust, share, negotiate, take turns, problem solve and resolve conflict. Play can be serious, fun, easy, difficult, interesting and educational! 

Our educators facilitate learning through play by providing rich and purposeful experiences, allowing children time to play and explore in a safe and inviting environment.  We provide a balance of indoor and outdoor learning experiences, including physical activity. 

Through planning, assessing and reporting using the Early Years Learning Framework, we support children to develop: 

  • A strong sense of identity 
  • Connection to their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence in their identity as a learner
  • Effective communication skills 

Being an onsite Preschool, our children are well supported in their transition from Preschool to Foundation. Term 4 involves a formal transition process to lead into the beginning of Foundation. Other events and activities are scheduled throughout the year to support the children to build familiarity with the wider school setting, as well as strong, trusting relationships with school staff and children. 

We would love for you to visit and take a look through our Preschool. Please contact our Front Office to book a time for a tour. 

Jessica Herrewyn