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Principals Welcome

I welcome you to the Fulham Gardens Primary School community. No challenge is too great and it is a privilege to be part of a school where the staff is committed to quality teaching and learning and achieving the highest possible outcomes for every student. The school is a vibrant and authentic learning environment which is responsive in catering for the diversity of students and our community.

Consistency and continuity of learning across all year levels from Foundation to year 6 is a feature of the learning programs that provide intervention and intellectual stretch so each child is supported, nurtured and challenged.
Our school values underpin the culture of the school and provide a framework for staff, parents and students.
Extra curricular activities are embedded in our learning programs so that student experiences are broadened through real life experiences which add layers to developing local and globally minded citizens.

We are a small school with a big heart and every student is the most important member of our community.

The website provides diverse information to support a successful transition into our learning community for your children and family. We believe children learn best when parents/carers and the school are working in a partnership throughout the course of your child’s learning journey in our School.

You can look forward to our committed partnership and our total care and education to the learning and wellbeing of your child.
• Cultural Studies – we have a vibrant, diverse and multi-cultural community with much to offer in terms of character building for Australian Children. We celebrate the diversity within our community
• Specialist Student Leadership Program
• A specialist music program where students can learn violin and ukulele
• Strong focus on Values Education and Character Development
• Computer technologies
• Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
• Environmental Education
• Special Education Program and support
• Dance, drama , performing arts and music.
• School Canteen with healthy food emphasis
• SAPSASA and full sports program
• Wakakirri

Tony Varbaro on (08) 8356 3726 or for more information.